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Channeling Golden Vortex healing energy


An Ancient Science


As an Intuitive Energy Healer, I work with your life force energy (you may know this as Chi or Prana) to locate, shift and remove imbalances within your body’s energy system. We will mainly work on clearing and balancing your energy centers also known as chakras to make sure that your life force energy is allowing and supporting you unconditionally from the inside out. The intuitive component of energy healing means that I will use my own intuition to guide my work with you, utilising the tools and resources that are most appropriate to your needs. I identify these by tuning into your energy field. During healing sessions, I use guided meditation to remove energy blocks as well as Reiki Healing or Shamanic Energy Healing. I sometimes include crystals and/or essential oils. Energy Healing sessions are not designed to treat existing ailments, injuries or illnesses, and are not a replacement for professional medical treatment. Energy Healing sessions are designed to be preventative, and to maintain your physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Together, we will improve your body and mind’s ability to regain its natural gifts and talents in order to achieve inner harmony, and to empower your ability to heal yourself. Reiki and Energy Healing sessions are suitable for all ages, shapes, genders and backgrounds. My approach is very gentle and does not require any physical touch. Healing sessions may be conducted individually or in a group setting, and may also be gifted to loved ones as a way to show your support during difficult periods of life.



Sacred Space Keeper

Zesty Shaman

Energy Healing Champion


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