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Distant Shamanic Energy Healing

Clearing toxic emotions and karmic imprints before they manifest in your physical body

  • 1 hour
  • 88 Australian dollars
  • Zoom/Skype

Service Description

60 mins distant shamanic intuitive energy healing to work on the intention you wish to work on (any form of pain or discomfort). Shamanic healing works on your luminous energy field, on removing old stagnant energy, toxic emotions and clearing of karmic imprints which are embedded into your energy field and often manifest in your physical body as a physical or mental illness or discomfort. We will be together working on creating a new map for your life. This session is done via Zoom and consist of initial discussion to understand your challenge and healing intention. Healing is also recorded so you can go back and do it as often as you need at your own time as a necessary follow up. Your conscious mind represents only 2% of your mind, your subconscious mind represents about 2-3% of your mind, everything else falls to your unconscious mind that you never have access to. You unconscious mind is driving your life and you do not even know what exactly is happening and why. Yogis believe that every single action, thought, emotion we have is stored/recorded into our mind over many many lifetimes that we have lived and that's called karma. This karma means that there will be reaction to every single action that was recorded and those are the karmic imprints we are born into this life with. They do manifest daily in our life in the form of our reality we live in, our words, actions, thoughts, habits and unless we clear them we won't really be free and live truly authentic life we desire. Shamanic Illumination Process is like an energetic bath, working on removing and clearing those deeply embedded karmic imprints we don't even realise we have until it's too late and they manifest into our physical body as illness or dis-ease. Each energy healing session is followed by 7 consecutive days of DailyReiki offered to you at no extra cost to keep the momentum going as you are adjusting to the new energy flow within and without. In Love & Magic Dasha

Cancellation Policy

24 hours cancellation notice can be provided for the 1-1 or group sessions and events. After that 100% fee is payable. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details

+ 61 468 683 308

Brisbane, 4074 Forest Lake QLD, Australia

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