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DailyReiki Terms & Conditions 

I (DailyReiki portal member) understand that my single family subscription to DailyReiki membership portal only includes daily healing for myself, my immediate family members (partner and children), my pets and my elderly parents. Friends or siblings or any other distant family members are not automatically included in the healing and should be encouraged to open their own account in our portal. 

I (DailyReiki portal member) acknowledge that Reiki and Energy healing is a holistic and and complementary in nature. It is not of a diagnostic or curative approach.


Energy healing, meditation and any of the information or services offered in the membership portal are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment by a licensed health care professional. Neither of the DailyReiki energy healing practitioners transmitting energy healing to members are physicians or licensed health care providers. If you are physically or mentally ill, you should not rely on this service only; you should consult an appropriate licensed health care professional. You should only employ energy healing therapy with your health care worker’s knowledge and approval, and should never discontinue any treatment or medication prescribed by your licensed health care provider. Energy healing (like other holistic therapies) may pose risks and/or even be contraindicated for certain circumstances.


I (DailyReiki portal member) acknowledge that long term imbalances in my body, mind and soul require multiple doses of distant healing energy over time to reap the benefits of cumulative effects of the healing energy in creating a desired healing outcome, it is not an instant one time off magic pill. I also acknowledge that while it is not required of the me, the healing benefits of receiving a daily reiki or energy healing magnifies by my voluntary active participation in the healing in the form of – setting a healing intention for the transmission, actively tuning in or meditating during the time of energy healing transmission, intentionally changing and shifting my daily habits and rituals to support the new shifted energy available after the healing transmission.


I (DailyReiki portal member) acknowledge that appropriate intuitive self-nurturing, self-care and tuning into my own intuition is always advisable to fully reap the benefits of any energy healing transmission – healthy intuitive eating & drinking, moving your body daily, positive daily habits such as prayer, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, journaling (what inspires you most and what you resonate with the most) is highly recommended.


I (DailyReiki portal member) acknowledge that all material, teachings delivered in any form (written, video, email, Facebook group, etc.) and healings provided are proprietary and not to be shared with any third party.


All discussions, conversations and sharing of members in Facebook group is strictly not to be shared outside of the group. The privacy of our members is of outmost importance and we reserve the right to terminate the membership to any member who violates this privacy or any of these rules clearly stated here. Any questions or request for clarifications can be directed to

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