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Grateful For My Clients !

I was lucky enough to respond to a message on our community FB page just over 18 months ago, offering local women an opportunity to join a Women’s Meditation and Healing Circle. I am so incredibly grateful that I saw that invitation and said yes, because that is how I met Dasha. For many years I had tried meditation on my own, but was not very good at it – so the opportunity to learn was too good to pass up. Dasha is a wonderful soul – her guided meditations are truly beautiful and I am now a daily meditator thanks to her. 
Our circle also included reiki healing – something I had never experienced before – but this too was incredible. Dasha is a natural healer and just has the most beautiful energy to be around. In her quest to offer more spiritual practices into the Western Suburbs, she also sourced out a kundalini yoga group and asked them to hold a class once a week, then took that one step further by undertaking Kundalini yoga teacher training herself and she is now a fully fledged teacher in her own right. 
She is so passionate in this field and it is contagious – her warmth and acceptance make for a wonderful combination and I am now fortunate enough to also call her my friend. I can honestly say she has transformed my life in a very big way and I am so thankful for that.

Mel, Brisbane

I had such an amazing experience yesterday during my shamanic illumination healing with Dasha. The energy shift that I felt was profound and the sense of so much light filling my body was so comforting. Afterwards I felt that some negative feelings has been lifted and dissolved. I can only say to you please try the experience for yourself! Thank you Dasha

Julie, Brisbane

Great meditation coach! Absolutely adore her shamanic healing and meditations. I used to have horrible burning pain on my feet and had it for about an year before the three Reiki sessions with Dasha. The pain disappeared after the third session and haven't had it ever since. She is very gentle and patient with kids Reiki sessions. Highly recommend Dasha and her amazing skills!!!

Nelly, Brisbane