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Meditation for Inner Strength and Courage

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I am just posting this as an example of a script of the meditation we practice together in our women's circles each week. Just to give you a bit of a taste what a guided meditation could look like.

Let's start this meditation by taking few deep intentional breaths. Deep breath in .....and deep breath out. As we go through this process try to release any need to control the process and its outcome. Just let everything happen as intended, the most natural way. Intentionally let go of the need to control your breath, your thoughts and feel how your breath deepens and how you gently fall into your soul space where you feel light and peaceful.

Taking a deep breath in, all the way to your stomach, hold it for few seconds and release it....let it go. And again, breathe in....hold.....and release.

This is a meditation for gathering your inner strength and courage. It's for you to realise that no matter what you have experienced in your life so far – YOU ARE unbroken, YOU ARE resilient and YOU ARE capable of manifesting amazing things into your life. Even if things seem difficult at times, within you there always is a reservoir of endless possibilities, of total inner strength, courage and compassion. You have within you everything that you need to thrive. We dedicate this meditation to re-connecting ourselves to that reservoir within you.

We start by taking time looking at everything in your life that is maybe not going the way you would love it to go, maybe it's frustrating, maybe it's outright challenging. Know that it is OK. You have every right to have those moments, to have those feelings. Let them run it's course so they can be processed and leave your system peacefully. Honour yourself and allow yourself to experience those moments fully right here and now. Bring to your mind's eye all that is challenging for you right now in your life.....gently acknowledge it.....observe how it makes you feel .....and then say thank you for the lesson it has brought into your life and let it go. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. You are not alone. (short pause)

Take a deep breath and maybe think of failed attempts to manifest some of the things you put on your vision board. It's time to reconcile and let go. Maybe that is not YOU anymore. Maybe it's time to accept that you have expanded in different direction and just let those things go. Don't burden yourself with that anymore, forgive yourself and.... just let go. Feel it now going away from you with every breath out, leaving your body through your bones, your cells, your's all gone. Your breath is cleansing you, every new breath is reminding you that you are not broken, that you matter, that you are precious. Say it now to yourself in your minds eye. I am not broken. I matter. I am precious. I am magnetic. And as you say it, give yourself permission to believe it cause it is the truth. (pause)

Turn your mind now to all the possibilities ahead of you. It's time now to realise who you really are.

YOU ARE WORTHY – you are worthy of Everything that your soul is craving for, YOU ARE worthy of that and more. You are by nature strong, courageous and unstoppable. You came into this life as an innocent little baby and you knew that this is your true nature. Remember that curiosity and persistence you had as a baby? When you kept trying till you succeeded? Without any self-doubt or self-judgment if you failed? You knew that you are loved, that you are supported and that you will eventually get there.

Right now, give yourself permission to access that little curious baby within you, cause deep down within you she is still there and she wants to come out. She came to this life for a reason and she wants to live that reason and have fun doing it. She came here through the Universe and Universe is here to support her. Take her hand now and let her come out and let her know that Universe has her back, that Universe is here to guide her and that with Universe by her side, she is UNSTOPPABLE – YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE. Universe just wants you to love and accept yourself, as a truly wonderful person that you are.....with so many special unique gifts and qualities. It is your most important job and responsibility to share them with the world. So do not waste anymore of your and now, let go of everything YOU ARE NOT and awaken everything that YOU REALLY ARE. ..........AND SO IT IS.


You can now take few deep breaths and bring awareness back to the room, gently move your body.

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