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Spirit Healing

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I connect to the nature and to the Spirit to help me guide your healing journey during our session together.

There are many wonderful tools that can be used in the process - I intuitively choose one or more suitable based on what feels right on the day based on feeling the energy of you and your intention you want to work on.

We can work together on shamanic journeying, de-coupling, illumination, soul retrieval, extraction or a combination of all of these. We work with your LEF (luminous energy field also known as aura) where all the imprints of our issues reside. We work together on disassembling those preferably before they even manifest in your physical body or mind in the form of distress, discomfort or even physical or mental pain. You are actively involved in the process through breathing and visualising. 

To learn more about energy healing sessions, please read some of my blogs where I go into details.



Sacred Space Keeper

Zesty Shaman

Energy Healing Champion


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