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Energy-bee 🐝 healing mini sessions

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I have felt strongly called to offer these energy-bee 🐝healing mini sessions to make the energy healing more accessible and affordable to all of you beautiful souls.

There is no need anymore to wait to start your inner healing journey. This can be a different avenue just for you, if you feel called. My work is a lot about Spirit in the spirit of loving yourself more and treating yourself well....enjoy my little muse.

"Healing is not an action, healing is a choice".

On my own healing journey I have heard my teachers and healers say this over and over again. Over time with everything I have been through, I have come to realise how true this statement is for me. Just for a moment pause the reading, close your eyes and ponder on this statement - "Healing is not an action, healing is a choice." What does it mean to you? What comes to you and how do you relate to it ? Looking back at all the healing that you have been through already....can you relate ? Is this true for you ?

It certainly is to me. It's a very simple magic actually - somewhere along the way I made a decision to heal and ever since it's like this thread of synchronicities happening in my life. Universe is presenting me with abundance of opportunities and avenues to heal inside out in my own way and in my own time.

And yes, I had to at some point also take an inspired action and start acting upon it, but on my own terms.

And no, we don't all have to become healers to heal whatever it is we are seeking healing for, but sometimes it can happen and we just need to surrender to truly heal.

Honestly, I have never expected myself to become a healer. All I was doing is healing whatever felt heavy within me and asking the Universe to help me with my clarity - to show me what my true gifts are and what is my soul's purpose ...and here I am love with energy healing, sharing that love and passion with others.

So wherever you are on your own journey, take it easy, enjoy it, savour it and always, always check in with yourself whether what you are doing feels right for you and for your highest self. But at the same time I do invite you to make that choice for yourself if you haven't already and see the unlimited beauty open up in front of you in so many different ways.

I am here to meet you wherever you are on your journey serving you within my gifts and my abilities. And if you decide to enter into the sacred energy exchange with me, here is a short info about what my energy-bee healing mini sessions are all about.

Energy-bee healing mini sessions are early morning 30 mins distant energy healing sessions during which I work hard - just like a 🐝 - to make sure your energy field is cleared of all that is ready to go and everything that is no longer serving you or weighing you down. I do these sessions first thing in the morning at about 5:30am right after my personal daily spiritual routine. I find myself to be the best and clearest energy channel during this time so I really don't want this time to go to waste, not to mention I enjoy the stillness and quietness outside and inside me. It is not necessary for you to be awake as I can connect to your energy field anytime anywhere as long as I have your permission. I can do my magic while you sleep like a baby. All you need to do is set an intention for healing the night before when you go to sleep. You can however choose to be awake and meditate at your home and tune in with me (it's very easy and intuitive) as you might receive insights or messages from Spirit as I actively summon Spirit to come and work with me on your energy field.

It is important to have a very clear specific intention for the session as the energy of that intention then directs the whole healing session and energy clearing process.

In order to clearly identify the intention for the session I sometimes give you a homework to do before the session itself - self-reflection or journaling, but it's not always necessary if your intention is clear.

The intention for the energy healing session can be just about anything that does not feel right in your life or something you are working on healing at the moment - it can be physical pain or disease, emotional or mental pain, it can be related to your self sabotaging behaviours or patterns, your fears, anxieties, negative self-talk, it can be related to any relationship you are working on, stress related, feeling stuck, insomnia, infertility and many more.

Now, many of these are already just symptoms of some sort of mis-alignment between your body-mind-soul and they are already manifested in your physical reality. Energy healing is ideally a preventative kind of medicine where we remove karmic imprints and heavy energies from your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) before these even manifest in your physical, mental or emotional reality. Once they are manifested it is way harder to eliminate them, they are already in the zone of traditional medicine that helps you manage those symptoms. Energy medicine then contributes to the soul healing, but I can never promise it would cure those symptoms. It certainly can shift the misalignment in your energy field so curing becomes easier but you need to understand very clearly that energy medicine is about healing and not about curing.

What happens during the session itself?

* I open up a sacred healing space and invite the Spirit and guides to come work with me to make sure the whole session is very safe for you and also very efficient.

* I open up wiracocha over me and over your energetic presence. (Wiracocha is space of timelessness that allows me and Spirit to work on anything in the past, present and future during the healing session. Shamans believe it's the Divine light around you that is coming from your Soul Chakra located just above the crown of your head.)

* I instinctively choose a stone from my mesa (medicine bag I acquired during my shamanic training) for your healing and blow your intention in the stone 3x to make sure the stone is infused with the energy of your intention.

* I use my pendulum to check your chakras together with that healing stone now infused with your intention. Your chakras are the map of your energy field for me, I test all chakras to find out which chakra is most influenced by the heavy karmic energy linked to your intention.

* I energetically open up the chakra that I identified and start my energy clearing - this part is very intuitive and anything can happen. The main intention is to get all the heavy energy out from your energy field through the identified chakra. I believe here the Spirit does way more work than me actually. I am offering myself as channel through which the energy is processed and my job is to stay out of the way as much as possible and just allow the energy clearing to happen and listen for any messages that might come through. For shaman it is not really important to know the stories about what happened and why the energy blocks are there and how it's linked to the issue at hand, energy healing is not a talk therapy. The important part is to identify the heavy stuck energy that is blocking the beautiful flow of your life energy in your energy field and get it out of your system for good. We call it removing the karmic imprints that you carry in your energy field from this lifetime and from many many past lifetimes. When you do energy healing, you are not only healing your present-self but also your lineage (7 generations in the past and 7 generations into the future) so the diseases or behavioural patterns do not have to be repeated and re-lived by your children and their children.

* Once I feel the energy release has been completed I perform shamanic illumination of the affected chakra to bring Divine Light into your LEF and reset the chakra. I then check all chakras again to make sure they are spinning nicely and feel healthy and vibrant.

* I then offer healing to your whole body - you can think of this as sending divine light to all chakras to get a beautiful radiant vibrant energy field for you.

* I close the wiracocha and sacred space and healing is completed.

* Within the same day, usually a few hours later, I sent you a debrief email about what happened, what messages I received for you and also your homework (there is always homework as otherwise the energy healing can be very short-lived). Homework can be anything from going for a walk in nature, journalling, creating nature mandala or taking a bath with epsom salts to help the integration process and to help the evolution process that is happening to make sure you do not attract the very same or similar energy we just released back into your system within next few days. You can think of it as cementing the new reality by commemorating it somehow in a meaningful way for you.

* Lastly, to help you with the integration process and the internal evolution process i will continue sending you daily distant reiki healing for 7 days to keep the momentum going and to support your newly arranged energy field. After that it's up to you to continue maintaining the health of your energy field as life happens and we pick up energy all the time and thus it's very important to continue taking care of our energy field. I can recommend few simple routines or meditations that can help with that if you are keen.

To learn more about energy healing, you can read my blog

Energy Exchange for energy-bee healing mini sessions:

1 session - AUD30 per session (including 7 days of distant reiki healing that follows the session)

3 sessions - $60 for 3 sessions (1 session per week within 3 weeks to use the momentum of healing and deepen the effects including of 7 days of distant reiki healing that follows each session in this package)

The sessions are available on the first come first serve basis on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays weekly.

Love & Magic,


Sacred Space Keeper

Zesty Shaman

Energy Healing Champion


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