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October Love ๐Ÿ’– Challenge for all of us


Disclaimer first: This is a very high level practice/way of life and it is not meant for everyone. It's not to compare each other or judge each other, we are all exactly where we are meant to be and we all deserve more love in our life and not less, no matter what.

This is an invitation for those who feel ready for this. So please, feel into it first before you take it on and if you feel ready, come join me in my virtual Love Sanctuary.

October Love ๐Ÿ’– Challenge

(Nothing more, Nothing Less, Love is the best, Love is the Quest)

Why ? to know ourselves as love in action that we already are, to remember ourselves, to heal ourselves and to heal our nervous system in a very non-invasive, but deeply potent way on a soul level by utilising pure LOVE as a medicine we turn to & apply on everything.

In October I challenge myself to simply LOVE everything that arises in my life (whether that something is perceived by me as positive or negative)

I commit to offer everything in my life lot's of love, praise & gratitude ....understanding that whatever it is or whoever it is, it is the Divine dressed like this or that trying to help me remember who I really am, what my true essence is and help me remember 'her', the true divine her.

I choose to see everything and everyone as a lesson I have not learned yet or as a blessing gifted by the Source/Universe and I say THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU.

What is it not?

IT DOES NOT MEAN that you tolerate toxic or abusive behaviour/things/people etc. A very important component of this is to be first true to all your highest values and take good care of you and help, nourish and support yourself and your body & your mental health in any way you need to. This is merely challenging yourself to take a sacred pause and praise & love everything because you understand why it is happening in your life, no matter what it is.

To become more aware of our beautiful hearts where Love resides in us.

This practice is inspired by my lovely & amazing teacher Matt Kahn & I can't wait to instil more love into my life and thus more healing too.

Again, this is not an easy practice and it is not for everyone, it does require a commitment and enchantment with the path of love.

Feel this invitation in your body and if it feels light & expansive, then please, come and join me.

PM me if you need any more guidance or if you need to talk to someone.

Share with me if you feel called and wanna do it with me.

Share what is challenging for you to love or understand how it is a Divine helping you remember who you truly are in your essence.

Come as you are.

Remember, LOVE is not meant to be a one thing or only feel one way. Love is a very potent energy/force that comes in so many different ways & shades and we invite more of LOVE into our life by being in harmony with what is, rather than fighting with what is.

I also strongly recommend to practice daily meditation on divine spark within you (within your heart) to support you through this challenge and to open up your heart to the levels you have not known possible before & John from Centenary Yoga is the best teacher for it (his class on Friday evenings via zoom is offered for FREE, just ask me if you wanna join and I tell you how :))

Lots of love to all of us on our Love Adventure.

Living life in Love & Magic Always

Dasha ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

your sacred space keeper

Empowering the Divine Feminine from within

Remembering Her

"In the name of Light, may we all live our lives fully aligned with our souls, for the highest good of us & all. Amen. A'ho. So It Is."

For private inner guidance, energy & soul healing, please contact me at

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