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Happy New Moon in Virgo ๐ŸŒ‘ ๐ŸŒ‘ ๐ŸŒ‘

HAPPIEST NEW MOON IN VIRGO (for us in Brisbane today at 11:39am :))

Let's use this beautiful energy of this New Moon to not just set our New Moon intentions this month, but also be a little structured and organised about it (as good Virgo energy demands :))

Here is a gentle reminder about how to make the magic of the New Moon work more efficiently for you, if you play.

Magical Manifestation process infused with human practicality:

  1. Always begin your new moon ritual by creating a magical space for yourself - cup of tea, lit a candle, smudge (be creative, express your unique soul every step of the way) to get "into the mood"

  2. Allow yourself few minutes of relaxation (do a heart coherence meditation, deep breathing or short qigong practice), cultivate genuine feelings of love, peace, joy, abundance in your heart - you truly do not want to set your intentions from the space of lack, stress, anxiety...cause then you will just manifest more of that. {for those who dare to uplevel this ..I always recommend self-pleasure and orgasm - such an enjoyable way of relaxing and aligning all your energies for the fastest manifestation :)}

  3. Let's be intentional about setting intentions - start by setting the first intention - to be connected straight to the Source/God/Universe and to your highest-self for guidance on what intentions would be the most aligned this Moon cycle for your highest good - any other intentions are just distractions on our journey and we really don't want to waste our time here anymore, do we?

  4. Listen to your New Moon intentions bubbling up to the surface, whatever is coming out of your heart is the right intention for you. To give your intentions more energy & attention, to super charge them - write them down, speak them out loud, sing them, bless them, say prayer over them, do this process together with some aligned soul friends (like we do in our women circles) and super charge those intentions with love for each other.

  5. Inspired action "MOON TO DO" list - now your intentions become your "to do" list - give a deliberate attention & energy to your intentions by writing down what you can do & mainly who you can be today, this week, this month to: A) find the evidence of those qualities already present in your life & feeling grateful for that (cultivating your abundance mindset purposefully), B) looking for ways/tools/your own "medicine" how to BEcome that which you are seeking ...cause let's face it, nothing out there will make you happy (Buddha already covered that pretty well), the search & cultivation of that which you put down on your intentions list can only be found from WITHIN - you need to become the person with those characteristics, qualities, you need to vibrate that energy to attract those things, people or experiences to yourself ....just enjoy the ride, it's so magical.

  6. GRATITUDE - gratitude is the first spiritual "technique" to master on your personal journey of expansion and growth and living the life you are meant to live/you desire...daily authentic genuine gratitude seals the deal, do not think gratitude, vibrate gratitude to the Universe daily with every single cell of you.

  7. Watch the evidence of your magical life - place your attention from day 1 on all magical evidence (no matter how small) in the form of synchronicities you start noticing happening in your life, cause if you do, they will get stronger, bigger and more frequent, watch your intuition grow and guide you gently on your way, honour that intuition by following your intuition...allow yourself to soften and trust this process, so it becomes a new normal for you.

  8. Abundance - yes no. 8 is a number of infinite abundance in numerology and so we end our process here....abundantly enjoying our own abundant life full of love & magic that we actively co-created with the Universe and then sharing it all with the world and with others ....every prayer, every blessing, every word of kindness, every smile (etc.) you offer to others counts.

Enjoy your life fully. You are Magic.

Amen. A'ho. So It Is.

Living Life in Love&Magic Always

Dasha ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Sacred Safe Space Keeper

Inner Soul Guide

"Empowering the Divine Feminine from within"

"Remembering Her"

p.s: For private 1-1 soul healing/spiritual mentoring/energy healing/reiki/crystals just PM me please, I am here to serve you {}

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