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My little tribute to energy healing

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I have just finished such a beautiful distant energy healing for a 10 month old boy. I feel so inspired to write something here to commemorate this magical experience.

This little musing is not meant to be about this specific healing though. I would love this to be a Tribute to energy healing in general. I have been so blessed to learn these amazing practices from my teacher Alberto Villoldo and through him from his teachers - Q'ero shamans of Peru.

Why energy healing at all ?

There is one part in the teachings from shamans that stayed with me from the beginning and I think it's the key to why I love and adore energy healing so much and why it makes so much sense to me.

Shamans believe that we all operate on 4 perceptual levels:

1. level of the body - material/physical level, level of the matter - the language of the matter are molecules (doctors treating symptoms of physical illnesses operate on this level)

2. level of the mind - language of the mind are words, level of the mind informs the level of the body (affirmations, psychologists, counsellors, therapists, hypno-therapists or any other form of "talk therapy" operates on this level)

3. level of the soul - language of the soul are images - level of the soul informs the level of the mind which informs the level of the body (visualisation, vision boards, rituals, ceremonies, mantras - that's the medicine that is operating on this level)

4. level of the spirit - language of the spirit is energy - this level informs the level of the soul which informs the level of the mind which informs the level of the body (shamans and energy healers work on this level)

Shamans are thus considered Spirit healers - they do not treat symptoms of diseases like doctors do, they do not promise cures, they seek healing of the Spirit which then informs the healing of the soul, which informs the healing of the mind and that informs the healing of the body.

The whole idea behind energy healing is to unleash the true ability of our bodies and minds to heal themselves if we take good care of our Spirit and our Soul (our energy body).

The important thing to remember is that the "issue or challenge" CANNOT be solved on the same level on which it is already manifested. Shamans believe that the issue or challenge has to always be addressed from at least one level up.

To put it very simply, shamans believe that any disease that is already manifested in the physical body needs to be addressed/healed at least on the level of the mind but ideally on the level of the Spirit first (curing happens on the same level, healing does not).

Our body is energy, we are energy, all is energy and if the "pipes/channels" within us are full of energetic "rubbish"in the form of unprocessed toxic emotions and karmic imprints accumulated over lifetimes, the energy is not flowing as intended. When that happens we loose our connection to the Source, to the Spirit, to that space of Oneness from which we all came and things start manifesting in our bodies as physical and/or emotional dis-ease in so many forms.

Once I fully comprehended this concept in which shamans approach life and healing, it all suddenly made sense. Suddenly I understood why mind-movies and vision board with images worked better for me than word affirmations ever did, why lot's of talk therapy that I attended over the years had very little effect on me.

I always knew that everything I have done (and I have done a lot in the last two decades spanning from coaching, counselling, psychologists, reiki healing, yoga, meditation, NLP, etc. etc.) had certain effect on my inner healing but it never lasted or it never went as deep as I always hoped it would. I was looking for deeper solutions that would address the main core issue, which I had no idea what it actually is.

Now I understand why. I was trying to heal myself from first level up, which in a very large portion depends on lot's of internal discipline and will and powering through and sticking to the routines, which I always managed to keep up for a while and eventually got tired of and went back into my old ways.

I am slowly and gently reversing the order now, I am doing my own energetic healing now, clearing lifetimes of energetic stuff so that my pipes/channels are clear and so that other healing modalities and medicine I use in my life even have a chance to start working.

I still believe everything happens for a reason and there was reason for everything I have done, so no regrets at all. It all made me who I am today and for that I am immensely grateful.

I would just love to encourage everyone to do their own energetic clean up as there is so much to clean and release and it does not have to happen the way I do it. This style is for me cause I resonate with it. There are so many ways to heal energetically - even prayer or a good cry can help you release lot's of energetic stuff that you keep carrying around (maybe for lifetimes). Ho'oponopono is a wonderful practice for healing of your energy body and clearing up the pipes. Yoga and meditation are an energy healing practice. I can't recommend kundalini yoga enough. It provides healing on all levels cause it addresses healing on the level of the spirit, soul and also on the level of the mind and body. It is an amazing technology for healing of your energy body as well as your physical and mental body. Generally, the options these days are endless.

Once some amount of energy work and clearing is done and energy is flowing as intended imagine how much more magic can you get out of all the other modalities/medicines - you can then engage a coach who can help you with a new map for your life and guide you through it, you can receive other forms of healing and you will be actually able to receive it and benefit from it as pipes are unblocked and you are ready to receive and integrate. Whatever medicine you choose to apply, it has much higher chances to bring more lasting results into your life.

Energy healing was kind of last resort for me after I tried everything else (or lot's of other stuff), but in reality now I see that energy healing is just a beginning of my inner work and my inner healing. It is also a process that can't really be stopped. Energy body maintenance will always be required for as long as we are human (and not enlightened) we will keep on accumulating energetic rubbish and create toxic emotions and karmic imprints but that's totally normal. We maintain and service our cars, we definitely shall maintain and service our energy bodies regularly but once the big load is done, maintenance can be pretty easy (well besides the absolute necessity of daily spiritual practice, but that's for another blog :)).

Don't wait, choose your medicine, clear your pipes, take care of your energy body the way that resonates with you the most and then live, love and laugh. Remember, you are not doing it for a Facebook perfect picture or to impress others but to totally nurture yourself, your Spirit and your Soul so you can shine bright and live the life you were truly meant to live. Inner work can be fun and enjoyable, just do it :).

I am here for you if you need me, to hold the space for your magic to happen or rather to make energetic way so magic can start coming through.

Love & Magic, Dasha Sacred Space Keeper Zesty Shaman Energy Healing Champion xoxo

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