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Ancestral Mathematics Magic

I have seen this image few times now on FB and I just can't help it to share it with you as it helps so much to explain why our own healing is so important in a more "scientific way" or for those who love numbers. :) I have never really needed this but maybe some of you do...enjoy.

I often fail to explain to people why it is so important to work on your inner self-healing even if things are going relatively well in your life and it seems like there is no need really to do whatever woo woo stuff you choose to do :).

It's actually more important to heal and create some kind of daily spiritual routine in your life when things are going well cause it's naturally easier to focus on them and you are kind of preparing yourself for a "battle field time" cause when things turn sour your routines and your familiarity with your own spiritual medicine will determine how you respond to those challenging times.

I am trained in shamanic energy medicine (besides other super awesome magical things) and to me that is a very preventive holistic healing modality - yes it is wonderful for reactive healing too, but it's most wonderful for preventive healing - for healing things that have not yet even manifested in your physical world (your body or your mind as dis-ease) - all the karmic imprints and limiting beliefs (not just from your own past lives if you do not believe in that) but from all your ancestors from which you came as those are part of your genetic blueprint, part of your energy field and it is just sitting there waiting to be triggered by your own words, thoughts or actions or by others in this lifetime so it can come up and be healed finally, not just for you but for your whole ancestral lineage and for your children and children of your children.

Hope this will inspire some of you to reflect on your own inner healing. It's never too late or too early to start focusing on your inner health and beauty and your lineage calls to you to help heal it.

We explore in this space various healing modalities and simple or more complex tools and techniques like meditation, energy healing, yoga, EFT, practice of everyone can pick what they resonate with and apply it into your life.


The rest is just a buffet or available ways to do the inner work so you feel supported and so it's easier for you on your healing journey.

Source of image: Joanne Rutter Holbrook

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