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Be-friend your little one again ...

At the root of all of our issues, our problems, our addictions and our distractions is a little child within us that's crying out to be seen. To be heard. To be understood. To be validated. To be loved and cherished just for being.

It's only when we soothe those inner parts of ourselves that we can release everything that is no longer serving our highest good, release all those limiting beliefs that we carry so deeply embedded within us and they do us no good.

Ignoring it doesn't work. Hating it doesn't work. Keeping busy doesn't work.

Only love works.

We carry beliefs from childhood that we are now perceiving as our truth. But this version of truth is so flawed. It’s only when we shine a loving light on what's been hiding in the shadows that we get to birth another possible truth.

This new truth is light and it encourages and supports our expansion, instead of keeping us locked into our safe, familiar, self made prison of heavy contraction.

For decades I was searching and trying solutions for me personally. I don't believe that there is only one right way to do this, to heal your inner parts so you can properly love yourself again, be-friend your little one again, which then turns into ease and flow in your life and everything you have ever desired comes to you effortlessly. Actually, more often than not what you think you desire changes as well, inner alignment happens and we finally see what's important to us and what not. Manifesting life we truly love becomes our second nature. (Not life that our parents would love for us or life that would please others, only life that we truly love.)

There are many ways to heal and they are all valid. We are all still a bit different, unique in our ways, we are all starting at a very different point in our life and that's why my message to you will never be ...only my way works and guarantees results. No. That does not feel like truth to me. I have tried many healing modalities and approaches and they've all worked to some extend if I invested myself in them too. They all shifted me in some gentle way to where I needed to go next. For that, I am deeply grateful.

I believe that expecting a radical inner change or shift suddenly after 40 or more years of not paying attention and just trying to push through is not a healthy solution at all. Healing is not a one time thing that you only do when you feel down suddenly. True healing happens in layers, one step at the time - to make sure that we do not re-traumatise ourselves unnecessarily, which would be super counter productive. It doesn't have to take long either, but it does require your willingness & your intention mainly and then not being in a way of your own progress (yes I mastered self-sabotage too). Healing and soothing your inner parts and getting re-acquainted with your little one is a daily process and just like any important relationship in your life, it does require time and commitment and surrendering to the Divine too. It's a tremendously beautiful and meaningful journey, not an extra work "you have to do".

On my own healing journey I went from talking therapy that did not seem to be working much for me to much deeper layers and ways to heal. That is how I ended up learning reiki , energy healing, shamanic healing, alchemy, priestess way ...inner coaching and more. I feel so blessed to have studied and worked with so many wonderful teachers who have passed so much wisdom to me and it's my greatest pleasure now to share it with others who are called to work with me. The idea is quite simple, only work with a healer who you resonate with. You will know who that is. People are drawn to each other as teachers and students or healers and clients for a reason. There is no need to over-think it too much. Just go within into your body and heart, breathe deeply and slowly and ask yourself - is this my teacher, is this my healer? You will never lie to yourself and there will always be a reason you feel called to someone to be your guide on your own inner healing journey.

It's the most beautiful way to approach this - not pushing through but surrendering it all to the Divine and trusting that everything will happen exactly the way it's meant to and when it's meant to. Healing is not an action, healing is your starts when you declare your intention to heal and to make peace within to the Universe.

My name is Dasha and I utilise my own intuition and all the wisdom and tools I have gathered over the years on my own healing journey .....not to heal you ...but to guide you within you can heal yourself, so you can soothe your inner parts and find wisdom in your own heart, so you can find your own medicine, to be light unto live a conscious life that is aligned to your soul's path and to your highest good.

The path of inner alignment - the path of least resistance.

If you would like me to be your guide, just call or email me for your initial FREE SOUL talk.

+65 468 683 308

in magic I trust

to love I surrender


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