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Celestine Prophecy "Be in the flow" meditation


Dear beautiful souls, I am crazy right now about Celestine Prophecy book and it inspired me to not just live it every day in my life but also to share it with others in the form that I know how to express in the best. I often feel like that when I close my eyes in meditation I speak much wiser words than when I am trying to say things of teach from my mind and that is why as part of my process to understand the whole Celestine Prophecy better I prepared this little meditation for you. Now, this is only the script ...for your mind, to read and understand if you need to (especially if you haven't read the book yet). I am working on recording this meditation for you too so stay tuned and I appreciate any feedback.

Please, do understand that as always this is just my take on the topic, how I see it, how I feel it, take what resonates and dump what doesn't. Always, do yourself a favour and do not take on more than what you need or want at the moment. There is no need to overwhelm or overload yourself with information. Sometimes all you need to "do" is to just BE and BREATHE and everything else magically falls into place.

MEDITATION โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ

Start by taking few deep breaths, inhale relaxation, exhale any tension, leave all worries behind and call your energy fully into the present moment. (In your mind's eye just call your names few times till you feel yourself fully here and now in your body).

Adjust the posture, roll your shoulders front and back few times and let them fall, straight erect spine but not too tensed and chin slightly in so neck is nicely stretched. You can use back support if needed to feel more comfy.

Do a small breathing exercise โ€“ either alternate nostril breathing to calm down or inhale on the count of 4 and exhale on the count of 6, until your body feels relaxed and heavy dropping into the mat. You can also do tapping on your 3rd eye (and saying peace to my mind), then tap your heart (peace to my heart) and tap on the body wherever it might hurt or feels right to tap (saying healing to my body) until you feel relaxed and calmed down. Have fun with this, try it all and see what relaxes you the most.

Let's set intention for today's meditation โ€“ in your mind's eye say to yourself โ€œI give myself permission to experience joy & peace within and ask for my own truth to be revealed from within.โ€ may add anything you would like to add what feels like your intention for today , just say it in the present tense.

Exercise (this is optional for this meditation but I would actually encourage you to make it a daily practice on it's own for 3-5 minutes to begin with) โ€“ quieting of the mind โ€“ no music, no talk just close their eyes and observe quietly your thoughts โ€“ and when thought comes acknowledge it, say thank you and then send it gently and gracefully away on the passing cloud โ€“ no judgement, no engaging with the thoughts and stories that come, just acknowledge the thought and send it away, but don't push it away, be very graceful and gentle....(more advanced version this but with eyes opened)

Celestine Prophecy (being in the flow)

1. Inner reflection on your energy control dramas (how we steal energy from others in our interactions). We all have one or more of these and we play them out in our relationships with other people. No judging, just bringing them to your awareness so you can start to transcend them and start understanding who you truly are and what you came here to do. (If you want to understand these better I do recommend to read the book). For now just read through these and you can either meditate and reflect on them internally by bringing to your attention memories and situations from your own life and how you responded in those situations or you can journal about these to bring more clarity on your own energy control dramas.

2. Understanding what are your questions right now in our life. What is it that you are seeking the answers for right now โ€“ so you know what kind of coincidences and intuitive guidance you are looking for. What is your big question right now, what are you trying to figure out or bring into existence in your life right now ? Whether you are trying to manifest a new job or a new husband or find answer to the ultimate truth of why you are here or what's your soul's purpose ...take your time now to identify your few main questions you are looking answers for right now (can be big or small question).

3. Now the most important step is to practice DAILY your own connection to the energy of the Source, to feel that ultimate energy flow of love within to be able to go and seek for answers from that state of being โ€“ vibrating love which is the highest vibration in the Universe. To build these muscles to stay in the state of synchronicities, easiness and flow daily practice of connecting to the Source is very important. Let's try it now through this small visualisation exercise.

Let's remember a person that you love dearly or a moment in your life when you were smitten by the feeling of love โ€“ maybe on your wedding day or the day your child was born. Pick any person or a situation and allow the memory of that moment to be relived within you right now so you can feel with your whole body how does it feel to vibrate the energy of love. And with every breath in add on the life force to that feeling and make the feeling grow bigger within you and with every breath out let loose a little bit, surrender to that feeling a little bit more until you feel the vibration of love in your whole being.

Now this feeling can also be daily rekindled through connection to nature, observing beauty in the nature and allowing that beauty to strengthen that highest vibration within us. When you start seeing beauty in the little most insignificant things easily around you or in nature that's when you will know that you are achieving this state of energy flow easier and easier, you are getting better at connecting to the Source whatever that is for you (God, angels, Universe, you name it...) but it takes time and daily practice. Without this we can't experience the state in which the answers easily flow to us in the form of people we meet or in the form of intuitive guidance that we constantly receive from within. So this is the most important step.

4. The last step in this process is to live it. Go out and be alert to all the little synchronicities and coincidences in your life and follow your intuitive guidance. Be brave enough to talk to a person if it feels like you should because that person might have important information for you with regards to the questions that you are asking...and as you walk through life your responsibility is also to give this loving energy and energetic support to all people you meet as they are all there for a reason on your journey and if you help them with your energy of love and your blessings, it will be easier for them to give you the information they are meant to give you. And vice versa. When it feels right to share some information with others, share freely because you are meant to help in this way other people you meet. Some people we meet are there with information for us and for some we are the source of important information. So when you go out today, be alert, try to stay centred and connected to the Source through the vibration of love within and when you overhear a conversation and that will nudge you to talk to someone or do something, go and do it...and the more you do it, the more flow you will be in and all this becomes more regular and more effortless for you. Or maybe just think of how this is already happening in your life, all those little coincidences, meeting people at the right time, reading someone's post at just perfect time when you need it. We are all already in the flow, we just need to help the flow more consciously now and be more aware of it to make it easier for us to truly live life we are meant to live instead of sucking each other's energy and competing for energy among ourselves. There is more than enough energy for everyone. Start with yourself, start giving your love and energy and attention to others so you can receive more from them in return. Everything does happen for a reason, no matter how small or insignificant it might look like at first.

I wish you all with all my love lot's of effortless flow in your life and lot's of magical synchronicities. Start noticing them today. In Love & Magic, Dasha


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