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Do you happen to be sceptical about energy work ???

Before I even begin I would love to ask you to read my musings for entertainment purposes only. Everything I write is my truth, how is see it, how I feel it, how I experience it and I do encourage you to read it if you feel called but then reflect and find your own truth. Nothing can beat that.

So are you sceptical about meditation, reiki, energy healing...crystals ???

I say YES, PERFECT.....your scepticism is your intuition, follow it, listen to it, it's guiding you to where you need to go, what you need to discover and no matter what anyone tells you, you won't embrace it until it's your own truth, your own experience....

p.s: There are great resources you can refer to if you are more scientific and require more proofs as it's perfectly OK. We are all different and unique and need to approach things differently. So if you are curious about science behind energy work - you can for example watch "The Living Matrix" on Gaia or read Lynn Taggart's book The Field. I personally admire work of Bruce Lipton too.

But when it comes to me personally, I don't think I am here to "sell you" the idea that energy work is real, that reiki is real, that meditation works ....not at all. It works for me, YES, it is my medicine, YES....but does it have to be your medicine in this whole amazing spiritual buffet of medicines available?

No, not at all.

I suppose my own spiritual journey has taught me to keep what works for me and drop what doesn't. For me personally it gets even better, I study so much and my memory is quite bad and instead of getting desperate about it I see it as a gift - it drives Peter crazy but my reply to not remembering things is - this is a brand new day and I am a brand new person and I absolutely can wonder about the same thing in a completely different way. Yes, he kind of has it hard with me as he unfortunately remembers almost everything.

But why do I see it as a gift ? Because I truly believe that what I am meant to remember I will and it's important somehow for me (now) and what I don't remember it's not important so I am happy for it to subside into my subconscious mind and allow it to come back up when I actually need it. What's not to like? I refuse to waste my energy on will and discipline and make myself remember things that obviously don't want to stay with me (not anymore at least). It brings a whole new level of acceptance of my kids when they can't remember a lot from mathematics 🤣.

But back to reiki healing and energy work we need it at all in our life ? know it's quite simple to me and here is how I explain it (warning if you are super scientific mind, you won't like it a bit :)).

1. We are all energy beings.

Do I need to prove it to you ? No I don't. I honestly can't. It's OK to want the answers and have scientific questions. I would recommend you to go study quantum physics or follow people and learn from those who already proved this because it has been proven. I just myself don't have capacity to explain that to you. I just know from my own experience.

2. Everything is energy.

Meaning that everything actually is energy....your body, your thoughts, plants, people, animals, colours, & joy and peace are energy too and sickness and anxiety is energy too...and as we are all energy...we all vibrate on certain frequency ...higher or lower depending on how your energy is at the moment.

3. We need to take care of our energy body, our energy.

You do take care daily of your physical body, don't you? You most probably take care of your mental and emotional body too right ? My question to you is...Do you take care of your energy and your energy body ? How? We are souls who were given this human body to enjoy it for a while and yes learn some lesson we can't learn as a soul, but we don't stop being a soul while in this human body. Your soul needs "food" daily too, what's your choice of nourishment for your soul ?

4. There are many different ways to manage or raise your energy. Choose the one you resonate with, experiment with few, see what's meant for you. Be curious, explore what your soul wants and needs and give it to yourself.

You can manage your energy through colours...and again each colour vibrates on certain frequency and that has already been proven too, it's physics which I can't really relate to so I don't study it, I just trust it but please go Google can manage your energy through music - akka sound healing, you can manage your energy through your energy centers and your aura and that's where reiki and energy healing comes to play ....auras can now be photographed to observe how they change thanks to reiki, energy healing or any form of energy work.....if you truly need a written proof for your mind, you can find it....but my advice is ...

5. Experience the energy work and see not if but what works for you.

And again there are so many different ways to know that energy work is working for you - in terms of physical pain being lowered or eliminated, by you feeling more grounded and peaceful, by the quality of your thoughts and the quality of your actions,

by you choosing to respond differently to the same stimulus is my's called GROWTH - because life to me is just a spectrum of choices that we make every single day and we are making those choices matter how much you would like to blame your life and what's happening in your life on some outside circumstances, there is no one or nothing to blame....your LIFE is your CREATION - your choices => and if you are choosing to respond the same way to the same challenge presented to you then what you create is the same old result ......but if the intangible invisible magic of energy work or any spiritual work for that matter meets your conscious intentional living every single day, every single moment, decision by decision....that's where the magic starts coming to the most simple ordinary ways...

💙 you finally responding gracefully to your child no matter how much the child triggers you (one response at the time to build that graceful response memory in you)

💙 you giving a benefit of the doubt to your partner before going into same old argument you always have

💙 you choosing to stop and breathe (sacred pause) instead of just reacting to some email or Facebook post that triggered you

💙 you waking up early and actually doing that 5 minutes meditation you have been planning for ever

💙 you choosing to talk to your pain and ask it why it's there and what it wants to communicate to you instead of just medicating it straight away

💙 you switching of the news and instead of giving into the fears just enjoying the moment in your life, having a play time with your kids or sipping a cup of tea

💙 you smiling at strangers for no reason

💙 you helping a stranger for no reason

💙 you acknowledging your part of the problem and looking for win win solutions for all

💙 you feeling grateful every day for all you are and all you have because you know it's enough and it's perfect


You can choose to every day feed yourself a mantra that life is complicated and difficult and guess what, it will be for you ....or you can choose to change that mantra and say - My life is simple, easy and effortless ...and changing my old habits and responses is easy and effortless ....and before you know it, it will be ..... I am almost certain to add GUARANTEED ...but you know, I am not the one to guarantee this for one is....

So to sum up, guess what ?

If you trust that reiki and energy healing works, it does ..if you don't it still does, but it won't be as obvious to you as you will be kind of sabotaging that process still does.

.....but you have to be able and willing to co-create your life and your reality.

I can only encourage you to be curious, to try different "medicines" and see what works for you and do that. Or don't, it's your choice, as everything. ❤️

I choose to believe that


What's happening to me today is the result of my past thoughts and choices and actions, what I do today is determining my future.

You choose what you believe in and go all in ❤️

I love YOU so very much, you are part of me and I am part of you.

How blessed we are indeed.


In trust, love & magic

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