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Why I love Caroline Myss and her view ....

Last night I felt really blessed being one of those lucky souls to attend Caroline's Myss workshop in City Hall in Brisbane. That encounter inspired this little musing to sum up what I got from her teaching. I know I can't do the justice to all the wonderful things she said, but I try anyways :). I do however encourage you to go and read and study her...she has so much wisdom to share and I don't think we have any other option anymore but finally start listening and taking some action.

We are all One

We hear this concept over and over again in many spiritual teachings nowadays but do we truly realise what it means ? Caroline explained it really well and while this is just my view and my summary of what she said, I really hope I captured the message that was so important.

It means that What is in One is indeed the the Whole and vice versa.

We are all energetic multi sensorial beings connected to everyone else - we are all plugged into this big invisible energy network and every single thing we do, say or think is influencing everybody else in that network.

It means that everything that is happening out there in the world right now is the result of our collective consciousness and we all actively contributed to it with our words, habits, behaviours, thoughts, actions, inactions etc.

It means the death of the traditional view on the religion where God is a separate entity out there managing our lives. It means a very real understanding and confirmation of the notion that we are actively co-creating everything in our lives with God (or whatever name you choose to call the Divine presence).

Each and every one of us is actively contributing (consciously or sub-consciously) to either the beautiful things in our reality or to the horrible things in our reality like natural disasters, epidemics, political situations, climate change.......and everything else you can think of that you consider something that is not linked to you....BUT IT IS (no exceptions).

You/me - we co-created this reality we live in right now, you live in right now.

Everything is about personal power

The above concept of us being co-creators of our own reality is linked to our personal power. Each and every moment we are making a choice - either to stand in our power and do what we believe in, to live our truth or we can choose to give that power away and compromise, etc. The choice is ours, we make it and we can't blame anyone outside of us for choices that we make. With such a great job as being a co-creator of your own reality comes a big responsibility and it's up to us what we choose in every given moment. Caroline mentioned that we are all born as very very intuitive beings and we know what is right and what is wrong because we always have divine support and our angels are guiding us, but we always have a choice to make at the end, they don't make choices for us. We have to choose to own up to our own personal power, grow our awareness and consciousness and make those choices ...or we can choose to stay unaware and unconscious...and die off (all points about dying are my addition, that's how I feel :)).

Speaking your truth & living your truth is your personal power. Look at any situation in your life from the perspective of your personal power and see how you are doing in your life with this right now (It's kind of fun, try it.).

Frequency of the Electromagnetic field of Planet Earth is increasing

Many spiritual teachers also refer to this phenomena happening in the world and Caroline mentioned it too. She didn't go into so much details but I believe she is referring to this.

Schumann resonance, which measures the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, has increased in the last few years, researchers cannot find a logical reason to explain this. According to the scientists, the Earth’s displacement is happening faster than expected.

Schumann resonance has always concentrated at 7.83 Hz, with few variations since 1952, but in June 2014 there was a change. This is when the Russian Space Observatory System showed a sudden increase in activity with a varied elongation from 8.5 Hz to 16.5 Hz.

More recently, other peaks have been detected, increasing the planet’s frequency to more than 30 Hz. It is concluded that these changes clearly show that the planet is changing. Some scholars also believe that humans, when acting on a “collective consciousness” level, can affect the structure of the magnetic field.

This speculation is based on the fact that Schumann’s frequency is “in tune” with the human brain states alpha and theta. These increasing resonances correspond, of course, to the activity of human brain waves, which means that the Earth would be adjusting its frequency of vibration.

This is something that has inspired me to study also Judy Satori who is also talking about Planet Earth increasing its' frequency and thus we as humans need to do the work necessary to increase our frequency and our vibration to survive and thrive (we need to ascend our vibration) or "to die".

Basically Planet Earth is going through a major transformation stage and that's why the need for us humans to really step up our game and do our part in terms of our own inner healing and spiritual development so that we can come out of this epic change evolved and not sick or dead. Choice is yours.

Healing is not a "nice to have" option anymore. It is our responsibility.

I loved this part of Caroline's talk when she pointed out that the best thing we can do for humanity, for this Planet and for everybody else is to focus on us - on our own healing and take it seriously - meaning really upgrade and up-level on all levels - physically, mentally, energetically and also spiritually. There is basically no time anymore to hold back and slow yourself down.

She also beautifully explained that the missing link in the healing right now is the holy aspect of the healing - our inability to pray and lack of grace in all we do. Holy prayer (not the traditional religious kind of prayer ) - but the direct talk with the Divine daily that directs the energy of the day, of your thoughts and actions. To me my intention of the day feels like a prayer she is referring to and also saying your gratitude at the end of the day is sort of a holy prayer. It is the holy language of the Soul that we need to use more, along with ceremonies, blessings, rituals.

We are buildings

Now this is apparently very well known concept from Caroline Myss but I need to write about it anyways as I loved the idea of it and I haven't heard it before and it so well explains what is right now happening for example with marriages (increased number in divorces) or in any relationships really (but the concept is more general then that.)

Caroline compares us human beings to buildings - we are born and the building has it's foundation now in place and as years go by we do not really "move away" as building cannot move away once the development is under way, we are only putting up new levels as we grow, as we have more information, as we learn....and the only thing that is happening is ....that we see exactly the same reality from a higher perspective, the more levels we build or add on (eventually by our own efforts) the more expansive the view is, we see more, we understand more, we grow, we evolve, we literally UP-LEVEL.

Now, imagine you choose to, for whatever reason, not to up-level and always live/be on the ground floor - the view that you choose to have is very limited, it's too crowded down there cause unfortunately many people choose to live there - happily ever after in their un-consciousness and ignorance. Those who choose to attend to their well-being on all levels and eventually also on the spiritual level are moving up - they are adding new levels to their own building, they have more awareness, they have more consciousness, they perceive things differently.

But it also means that sometimes in your life you have to say good bye to people who choose NOT-TO UP-LEVEL and stay on certain level where they feel comfortable, where they feel unseen - not too much responsibility, the life is not too bad, the life is not too good, but they do not want to go higher and if you do, you will have to leave them behind as they have to make their choices and you have to make yours.

It really made lots of sense to me and I hope you benefited from this blog in some way too.

Here is Caroline's website, she has many great free resources available there - go, study, make choices, up-level. The choice is yours!



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