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DailyReiki Simple Answers

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

💜 What is DailyReiki?

Short Answer: It's a daily energetic healing transmission service (daily distant transmission of reiki/energy healing) that is offered to our members, their immediate families and pets. Membership is billed monthly. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Longer Answer: DailyReiki is a virtual sanctuary for like-minded women who are already searching, who are already on their own inner healing journey and want to be held and supported through that process every single day. We (soulteam behind DailyReiki) hold the space for our members and support them via daily energetic healing transmission so that they are more peaceful, more balanced, have enough energy and strength to gracefully hold themselves, to do the work they want to do, to hold their families and their communities.

We hold the magical sacred space for our members every single day and send daily energy healing to you, your family and your pets so you can do your magic and share your gifts.

💜 What is NOT DailyReiki?

Short Answer: We are not your gurus, we are not your healers. We are not your teachers. You are your own healer. Healing starts with your decision to heal. We are holding the safe space for you and we are offering ourselves as conduits for the divine healing energy that comes from the Source and direct it to you through your healing intention.

Long Answer: The idea behind DailyReiki is not to add more content and expectations from you to your already busy life. There is so much content already available out there, so many teachers to choose from, so many practices to implement into your daily life so you can live the life you are meant to live. What's not available out there is a daily supply of divine healing energy intentionally channeled to you so you can actually do what needs to be done every single day to change or improve your life. We are your daily food for your soul, we are your daily energetic supplement, we are your energy body maintenance program.

💜 Why did you create DailyReiki?

Short Answer: To create more healing in the world and more inner beauty.

Long Answer: 2020 has taught us that if we don't approach certain things very differently in our lives, human race might not be around for very long. If a virus can spread so fast and influence the entire planet Earth, then we also need the healing to spread just as fast.

Everything is energy. Everything vibrates on certain frequency. We want to contribute to raising this frequency globally, match frequency of our DailyReiki family to the frequency of love, joy and happiness, peace and abundance opposed to frequency of fear, anxiety, worry, depression, sickness etc.

💜 What not offer DailyReiki for free to all then?

Short Answer: This is our conscious business and money is also just an energy. To maintain the balance that we are seeking energy exchange must happen.

Long Answer: Energy work is a very delicate and intimate work. To be able to send energy healing to someone we need to have their permission to do so. Our clients give us that permission by becoming our members and maintaining an active membership with us.

Our members are entrusting us with their energy fields that we are accessing when channeling energy healing. No matter where and with whom you choose to do your energy healing, make sure you know your healer, you trust your healer and you know what their intentions are. There is an immense level of trust that needs to be built between the giver and the recipient as energy work can also be mis-used. And that's why we are creating a tight container, an intimate community around DailyReiki so we are able to get to know our members and they are able to get to know us on a very intimate level so they can trust us with their energy fields.

It's never a good idea to just go around social media and receive free energy healing here and there for that very reason. We recommend you do your homework and research, tune in and check with your intuition to see who you resonate with, listen to any videos of your potential healer or team of healers. Do not just listen to their words but tune in with their energy to feel for yourself whether it feels right for you or not. Not every healer is meant for you and that is perfectly OK.

💜 Why Daily? Isn't once in a while enough ?

Short Answer: Even once can be more than enough for someone who is very ripe and ready to turn the life around. But the reality is that most of us are not that ripe yet and once in a while might not be enough if there is no daily follow up.

Long Answer: In full honesty, there are scenarios when you don't need a daily energy healing. If you are committed to your own inner healing and have let's say monthly in person session with your healer and do your "homework" after the session to use that shifted energy for positive change in your life which still comes down to some form of daily spiritual practice, then you don't need to receive daily reiki or energy healing. You are quite set.

The offering of DailyReiki is for:

- those who appreciate the importance of a daily energetic maintenance and want to make sure that their family receives it too so they grow and heal together

- those who already do regular in person sessions with their healers but still need that extra bit of energy support for the shift that occured not to disappear and not to fall into the old habits and rituals

- those who are maybe even trained in Reiki or energy healing but struggle to regularly offer it to themselves and/or to their families

- those who struggle to find time or resources to attend in person sessions with healers and still want to work on healing or are on their spiritual journey

- those who struggle to turn the teachings of their teachers into a daily spiritual practice and thus are quite stuck and don't move ahead

- young mothers who are just going through so much physically, mentally and emotionally and have no time to take care of themselves energetically

- all women who just give and give so much of themselves to their children, families, projects, jobs, household keeping and struggle to daily nourish themselves make sure they do not burn out and to make sure their families are also being taken care of energetically

💜 How much does DailyReiki cost ?

Short Answer: AUD30/month (auto billed monthly the same day each month via to receive a daily 30 mins of distant group energy healing for yourself, your family and your pets. This comes to AUD1/day. You can cancel anytime, no contracts or obligations.

Long Answer: To compare it for you. One in person 30 mins session of reiki/energy healing can cost on average AUD30-60 for one person. Do you feel the value?

Now it is your choice to choose whether you feel you will benefit more from one in person healing session once in a while or whether you prefer to receive a constant daily energy healing and benefit from accumulation and consistency over period of time, which does not require anything else from you. Even if you do not actively tune in during the healing transmission, even if you completely forget that you are our member, you are still receiving energy healing transmission daily and benefit from it for as long as your are our active member.

💜 Why do you include family members and pets ?

Longer Answer: We believe in sacredness and importance of family (whatever form or shape). Imagine that it's a woman (mother) that finds the need to do inner healing journey and as she does her work she speeds up her growth and leaves the rest of the family behind if she intentionally doesn't include them.

The rift between partners can become very obvious if one is doing their healing work and the other one is not, the challenges might surface. We want to hold the space and supply the divine healing energy to the whole "unit" that woman cares deeply about to make sure that they all vibrate on similar frequency and grow together.

Does the above guarantee that the family stays together or that there won't be challenges? No, we can't promise that of course but we are doing our best to contribute to the foundation of love & light in the family "unit" through our daily healing offering.

If you have any question, please do email us at

Or else feel free to join our DailyReiki family here.

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