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What is my soul's purpose? ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

Have you asked yourself this question yet ?

If not, you can still "save" yourself. (...and I say that laughing now, but truly there are moments when I wish I have never asked myself that question....but....)

If you did or plan to ask yourself this question....just be ready to fall into this magical amazing never ending rabbit hole. There is no way out of there, there is no turning back and I trust that we (those who keep asking ourselves this question) we actually wouldn't have it any other way.

You know it might sound overrated to be asking this question ...but I truly believe that we as humans, to evolve, we can't avoid this question sooner or later (and I mean even a lot later if necessary like in the next lifetime or so). It's just a natural organic kind of evolution.

I just wish we humans started asking this question ourselves before the BIG NUDGE from the UNIVERSE (you can replace the word Universe with anything you relate to like God, Source, etc.). I mean before we get fired or divorced or get cancer, etc. (not that these things can't happen after we start asking this question :))

Why ? Well because we then have so many things to process like looking for big spiritual answers while dealing with disease or surviving or dealing with all the mess that big nudge usually brings into your life.

For me personally, I have been asking myself this question since my BIG BANG in my life about 13 years (ask me about my BING BANG if you are curious, it was pretty intense, it was so messy but it also ended up being the biggest blessing in my life and I am super grateful I took the hint then and did not wait for bigger hints)

Do you wanna know my answer after everything I have learned and listened to and tried on myself and all the weird spiritual stuff I have been through ? All that came back to me ....was

That I am THE PURPOSE. Now, please do not judge me yet, I know it sounds a bit narcissistic but I will attempt to explain, I promise.

It is quite simple, really. I have always focused on others in one way or another. I have always tried to change the world and help other people, save them from themselves and all of that but somehow in the process very often ended up being burnt out, discouraged and resentful and mainly feeling hugely unappreciated. It did not make any sense because I was serving others and that in itself was supposed to be THE ANSWER and THE FULFILMENT I was supposed to get in return, but it wasn't. Not that what i was doing was wrong, but I was trying to give so much and I have forgotten to take care of me. I was running on empty batteries.

So one day (I really don't know when and I think I am still in the process and always will be while being human) I decided to change the strategy. The only person I can change and influence the way I want is ME first and so I decided to focus on me. Nothing much changed in my life really, I was still learning all things spiritual, I was still teaching meditation and healing others and doing my mum job. I was still doing all "normal" things I had to do in my life. What changed was the intention.

Everything I did and still do is to fill my own cup first so I could give to others out of that space. I decided to only do what feeds my Soul and trust my intuition on that.

The reason why I lead meditation circles and teach people meditation and do so much energy healing is because the more I teach and the more I heal the more I learn and the more I remember. It gives me space and opportunity to get better at it, it gives me so much growth and so much joy.

It turns me on, it gives me pleasure, it feeds my Soul. I am allowing others to come in with me if they feel called and experience the same feeling along with me. I am hoping to inspire others to do the same - to take care of themselves first and not just on the level of body and mind, but to feed their Souls too.

Once we start tuning into what our Soul needs and wants it's actually quite easy to figure out what your passion and purpose is, what you are meant to be doing here in this lifetime, in this human body. It's also way easier to find your soulmate. You won't find your soulmate unless you find your soul path first, or rather until you remember your soul path and continue walking on it fully committed. We don't do this work alone, we have our "Soul group" we resonate with and there is nothing more beautiful than when you find your soulmates from that soul group. And that is the reason why some people stay with you and why some people leave. And both is OK.

There is just so much of re-alignment going on in my life and it does involve people coming and people going. Who is meant to stay, stays. Who is not meant to leave, leaves. It's all OK. It's all part of this human experience.

Right now I value and love myself so much that I only allow myself to do what truly feeds my Souls (as opposed to what eats up my Soul)...and hey it totally does not mean that I avoid my human responsibilities. No! There are things I need to do every single day that I did not enjoy at all in the past - like cleaning and cooking. I still do them (but not too much either :o)) I just turned the intention behind doing them a bit. Now they are my sacred experiences because I decided to change their purpose in my life - when I cook I now bless my food and I am grateful to be able to have food to begin with and to be able to share it with my loved ones and while it's still not he biggest passion in my life, I do it with so much more love and reverence. I also don't feel so guilty anymore to sometimes cut corners and buy food and allow myself to have extra time to do something else instead of cooking.

Not to mention cleaning. Oh how much I hated cleaning the house - now I see it as a sacred act of de-cluttering of my mind and with more space in my physical world I feel so much lighter inside as well. I don't over do it as well cause it's not the most important thing in my life but I do it and I enjoy it and the moment I stop enjoying it I stop cleaning.

Sometimes I pay cleaners to come and clean my house and I feel so grateful to be able to do so and I am so grateful to be able to create a job for someone who needs a job and I am OK with that too. I do not crucify myself anymore for not being the perfect mother who has to do everything perfect for the kids. And I am very very proud of myself too that I can do that as motherhood is such a challenge for me.

I think you get my point. Does it always work and feels right and light ? NO, but the more I do it, the easier it gets. It is a muscle and while intention is important, discipline and daily commitment is just as important. It's 50/50 for me.

There are still so many areas in my life where I completely suck and I recognise that too, but then if it all worked too well for me, I would be bored so I am quite happy to have my challenges too, but .....

.......I want it to be my conscious and mindful choice every single day, every single only do what feeds my Soul or to change everything into something more magical so for the moment if feels like it feeds my Soul....because I recognise that my Soul lives forever while this human body will soon be it kind of makes more sense to focus on my Soul. Having said that I still serve my human body too as I recognise it's importance and it's value, I just don't over do it. Again it's 50/50 for me so I guess balance is the key.

Here is one exercise I was given long time ago by my teacher/coach to figure out my soul's purpose. It's very easy yet very difficult so don't be fooled as many dismiss it before they even try and get something out of it. I pray that you give it a go and that you find your answers you are seeking soon ...because we are all in this together and the sooner we all start remembering who we are and why we came here into this lifetime the sooner we can all benefit and live a happier life. So have a go and let me know how it went for you or ask me out for a coffee and we can chat, cause Universe knows how much my Soul enjoys drinking coffee and chatting.

โญ๏ธStart by getting "into the zone" - short meditation of your choice or any relaxing activity (and I absolutely do not mean drinking coffee or wine or watching Netflix, that is excluded from this activity) - you can try dancing, painting, gardening, shaking, yoga, orgasm...that kind :o)

โญ Set up a nice scared safe space where you will be uninterrupted for at least 30 mins - light a candle, put on some soft music, burn incense..create your own little temple. Grab a piece of fluorite (great dharma stone to have around when you do this, it's best to sit on it :o))

โญ๏ธ Grab jour journal or a piece of paper and your favourite pen (no computer please). Your handwriting carries a very important energy and it so connects you to your Soul - handwriting please.

โญ๏ธ Set an intention - "I want to identify my soul's purpose." or "I want to remember why I came here this lifetime"..or you can add in anything you like as this can truly be used for many purposes - just make sure your intention is short, clear, positive and in the present tense !!! You can absolutely blow your intention with your breath 3x into your fluorite or crystal you are working with and then sit on it as you write.

โญ๏ธAnd here is what you write about - "Imagine you have 3 months completely off - no work, no kids, no bills, everything is being taken care of have already done all the relaxing, watching Netflix and traveling you desired and now you have 3 months ahead of you and you can do anything you like...what would you do ??? "......and just start writing ....and please do not stop yourself thinking about whether you can earn money doing it or whether it's possible, whether you are qualified or not ...nothing like that just have to imagine yourself doing it day in day out for 3 months and completely love doing it and not getting tired because you love it and enjoy it so much...what would that be for you ???....

โญ๏ธ There is a follow up to it...but that's for another story / blog .....whatever that list is for you....just allow yourself to be with it first ...for as long as you need, there is no need to rush into anything or quit your job or start a new business, just be with it - like truly soak it in, visualise it, dream about it ....allow yourself to dream it into reality for yourself (if it's mean to be )....whatever it is for you, always add please that it should be for your highest good and for the highest good of all.

And if this exercise does not work well for you, then I absolutely recommend to study this book - it's so spot on (for me at least): Dan Millman "The Life you were meant to live"

Thank you for doing your SOUL WORK.


in Love&Magic


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