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You are whole - live & heal 💜

Yes I do encourage women to heal daily through my work, but I feel like I also need to explain the whole picture that I have and how I see it thanks to all the beautiful guidance of my teachers and the guidance of my own heart and Soul mainly. What's truly important for me is to keep it all easy & simple, I don't like drama and I don't like complex theories so if it feels like over-simplification, please bare with me just for a moment as I am trying to express it here the way my heart feels it.

This is how it feels right for me.

We are not broken, we do not to be fixed. That's not why I am such an advocate and champion of energy healing. Not at all.

I truly believe that:

💜 we are innately whole and complete

💜 there is nothing broken within us (I believe we have ONLY forgotten our true nature and that's why it feels like it's broken or that it needs to be fixed, when we only need to gently get back to remembering and release the pain from the past, if we really want to)

💜everything is exactly as it's meant to be

💜everything does happen for a reason

💜 we have chosen our life exactly as it is (yes, even if it's super painful sometimes, our Soul has chosen this to begin with)

💜we are fully human but we are also fully divine and we are meant to co-create with the Divine (we are indeed super powerful, we just forgot how to use those powers)

💜our physical body is such a gift to experience feelings we are not able to experience as a light body or as a Soul and to also learn the lessons we can only learn through the body - body is a gift and not a punishment

So why do we need to heal daily and why is there so much suffering and pain ?

Well for me that is quite simple too (but this is all just what I believe in so you can understand me and where I come from a little better, you need to go within and listen to your own inner guidance and make your own sense out of it please)

So to me there is also that other side of the coin of being human to keep it all in balance.


My belief is that when we re-incarnate into the body we forget our true nature, we forget what we came here to do and why and it's all kind of for our highest good - cause if we had all that information, we won't really be able to be in this physical human body and vibrate on this frequency that is needed here to "feel" human.


The rest is just my theory really based on everything I have listen to and studied and kind of made a simple sense out of it for's not scientific at all, but it's mine and it brings me comfort so I roll with it. Enjoy the story of my origin.


Story of my origin :).

{Disclaimer: This is purely my vivid imagination and how I perceive my story of my origin and my life, take it as a source of entertainment, please. Thank you }

So at some point my Soul wanted to go on an adventure. I like to believe that it was kind of bored being Light and so pure all the time as part of the One Divine Source. And One Source being such an unconditionally loving Divine Mother to all its parts "said" OK, why not ? You wanna go and experience something else ? Of course...but here are some conditions for you (soul contract for being human ?) ....once you get into the whole karmic cycle "game" of being human you will be accumulating karma and your choices will determine what your life looks like and what you are experiencing, you might go through lot's of pain and suffering and be very unconscious of your true nature, but that's the only way you can experience it all ("We/I" basically need to make YOU beautiful soul a lot less conscious of your true nature cause otherwise it will not be as much fun)....yes it will have lot's of amazing advantages of experiencing the human body and all the pleasure it brings ...but you won't be able to get back here until you figure it all out again, until you realise your own true nature and clear all your karma. Are you in ?

And of course my slightly rebellious Soul said yes...and from then on the adventure began......At first I was a star seed or star dust maybe, maybe I had few lifetimes as a God, many lifetimes as animal and then many many lifetimes as a human being ...and the adventure still goes on....all my previous experiences and choices are creating my future experiences and every single day and every single moment I have a choice to make which way I I want to go home or do I want to torture myself a little bit more here ? Or maybe do I want to stay around for few more lifetimes and enjoy my human body and all it's pleasures ? And I like pleasure ....

Everything else is just falling nicely into place, helping us to go exactly the way we wanna go - all divinely orchestrated but not by any influence of some omnipotent being but all orchestrated by us, by our Soul, by our thoughts, by our actions, by our choices - simple.

I honestly believe that even if this little story of my origin happened to be really true in this way and we were all told that this is the truth and now decide what we want to do a little bit more consciously ..that not all of us would be ready to say....I finally want to go home and be done with this. Because we are all at the different stage of our adventure and some of us are still being pulled so strongly (thanks to all our past choices and karma) to stay here, to be human, to experience it all ...because we still enjoy it all - the pain and the drama.....we would not have it any other way (even if we don't feel like that in our conscious mind).

I mean how else would you explain the fact that some people are living a very miserable life and you come and offer them help and show them the better life and better choices that they can make and they can't even relate to it, they can't visualise themselves living that all. It's like you are speaking a foreign language to them. They are simply not ready yet. There is no pull from their Soul to go home or to even go different direction...yet. They truly "enjoy" their pain and are happy to continue making their choices. And that's OK.

My whole point is, yes we are all related, we are all from the Same Divine Source, so yes let's have compassion for each other and help if we feel called to help, but let's not force anything on each other as we are all at the different stage of our own adventure and we are exactly where we are meant to be and as much as I can't stop the pull of my Soul telling me to start becoming a little bit more conscious of my thoughts and actions and choices, I am OK if you do not experience the same pull to go home or with the same intensity. It's all OK. I accept you and I accept me too.

The reason why we need to heal when we feel ready and when we feel pull to heal is because there is no other way (for me at least) to undo the lifetimes of karmic shit I managed to accumulate, it's my baggage and I have to handle it and yes, it takes lifetimes to accumulate it and it can also take lifetimes to release it to be fair....but it's my work to do because it's all my doing, it's all my choice. I can't blame anyone for my life.

And I am happy to do it and I know there is no rush, it's a journey, it's a process. I trust that Universe/Source/ My Divine Mother truly has my back and I constantly keep receiving the help I am asking for but she is also not forcing anything unto me, I am quite sovereign in this adventure. It feels very fair.

I am now at the stage where I feel I don't want any more distractions on my journey...until I consciously want them :)...but I also more consciously know now what is the price of distractions. And by distractions I mean all our beautiful human distractions like having a sexi body (that's way too tempting for me) or having too many material possessions that would take too much of my energy and focus to stay on my path back home if you will. There are just way too many distractions Netflix and coffee and shopping and even my pretty crystals (but those are at least helping my I tell myself :)) ...and all the domestic duties OMG ......but I also know that this lifetime of mine is not meant to be dedicated to fully monastic way of life where I could purely focus on my practice and I absolutely accept that because I am learning and growing so much as a mum and as a wife....this is the best place for me to be right now.

But yes while being here I try so hard not to be distracted and guess's not easy at all ...but I am also here and now and I also want to experience joy and pleasure and enjoy this human life that I have gifted myself .....all I am trying to do is to balance both really - the healing and the living too.

So yes my message of healing yourself daily is definitely not for everyone, only for those who feel the need and feel the pull of their Soul.

All I am doing daily is to align myself and my energy to attract those souls into my life so we can do our work together and help each other, because it's outright boring to do it all alone. And that is why I study so much, that's why I have so many teachers all the time in my life...because I am being pulled into their energy field, because it's time for me to hear and learn what they have to say and...similarly I want to be of similar service to those souls who I am meant to work with here in this lifetime.

If you feel the pull beautiful Soul, let's talk.

"Healing is not an action, healing is a decision."

I am here.


in Love & Magic


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