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You get what you ask for ?๐Ÿ€

I have one beautiful story to share with you and I am super excited that lady who experienced it gave me a permission to share it with all of you here.

Last Thursday, in our women's meditation circle, I asked all ladies to write down a question or a word into their journals. It's meant to be your own unique question that you are seeking answers for right now in your life. It can be a simple question like: How can I loose these extra 5 kgs? or it can be a bigger question like What's the purpose of my life ? Why am I here ? What is my passion ? How do I meet my soul mate? ...etc.


This is a very simple exercise that I got from this amazing book called Celestine prophecy. It's meant to help us direct the energy of the week to get closer to the answers that we are seeking and realise how "magical" coincidences lead our life into a flow to give us all the answers we are seeking. The more clear you are on the question the higher chances that you will get your answers faster. You just need to be very open to receive answers in any form or shape and also be mindful about how the answers are coming to you.


My version of this exercise is very simplified as I love and enjoy simple things and simplifying things as it's easier to get people on board. So the only other thing I asked ladies to do is to keep their journals close and note down anything that happens during the week that looks in any way as a weird coincidence or answer to their question or maybe next step on their journey of getting to the answer. I myself do this every day with my journal and it's quite amazing to observe all the coincidences being manifested into my life and how I can stay in the flow if I stay open and soft (and yes open to receive the answers in any form or shape, positive or negative ...)


So one week went by and I asked my ladies how did they go with this exercise and I was particularly interested in one lady's story as I knew that during the week her house got robbed, all her jewellery was stolen and her beloved magpie she was taking care of died in the pool while she way away.

It's not a pleasant experience, I am sure you agree and we all held her in our thoughts and prayers. However, I really wanted to understand the lesson of it so I was brave enough to ask that beautiful soul - What was your question you wrote down last week ?

She replied back that she remembers writing down a word "supported".

And I asked her if she sees any connection with what happened to her during the week (robbery and all that followed - the responses and support she got from friends and family and even from spirit world as she says).

I received the most amazing answer I truly did not expect, it is so inspirational and it is the reason why I share this and why I believe so much in these simple exercises:

"Iโ€™m learning so many things Dasha especially from the death of clippsee (Magpie).

- Nothing is ours, it's all borrowed.

- Donโ€™t get too comfortable.

- Detachment - the great lessons from something being taken away.

- To make space for something more valuable to come.

- How God protected my true "Jewelry" .

- How /why the few houses in my area got broken into.

- Why Iโ€™m not angry - how my best friends and family and neighbours have been so supporting and loving. Checking up on us everyday.

- Lastly to be more guarded , disciplined, and the more deeper you go with the divine the harder the tests will get. Just look at all the prophets and saints how much they had to endure.

I am not happy that my friend got robbed but I am eternally grateful that she realised how loved and supported she is. From that perspective it might all have been worth it and hopefully she won't question that she is supported ever again I am pretty sure next time Universe might give her even bigger lesson to show her how supported she truly is.

We all love you beautiful Soul. You are supported !

in Love & Magic



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