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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

So today as I am writing this is 10/10/2020. I am about to launch DailyReiki VIP membership portal and I am both excited and super nervous as well. Can't stop thinking how I came to choose this specific date - it just intuitively came to me that I cannot wait any longer and this date felt so special. Only today, reading all astrological information about today's energy, I am realising how perfect this day and its energy is - of course. Once again it confirms to me that following your inner voice and inner guidance cannot lead you astray.

This blog was initially intended as a Facebook post to introduce DailyReiki to existing members but one wise friend gave me feedback that it's way too long and that it won't sell :). She was right, of course.

However, I still want to share this story so for those of you beautiful souls who want to understand better why I am doing this so you can feel my energy behind this endeavour.

So here is my story behind DailyReiki.


I love doing what I am doing here so much (in Meditation & Healing circle Facebook group for women) โ€“ creating and holding a sacred space for you, creating a community of women who wish to live a more conscious life, who wish to heal for their own sake and for the greater sake of their families and communities and beyond. I absolutely trust and believe that. I love to daily inspire you, elevate you, empower you, help you find your own healing medicine as only you are your own healer on your healing journey.


There has been something brewing within me for about two years now and I have to birth it out now, today as if I don't then I feel like I will explode and I will not be honouring my soul's path and truth. I have this un-ending desire to birth even more healing and even more simple beauty into this world for us and for all women who will feel called and resonate with my message and with my intention.


Somewhere on my own inner healing journey I once heard this and it so stuck with me - โ€œYour mess is your messageโ€. So I sat with it for a while and reflected on my journey, my life and all my messes (and there are quite a few :)) ...and I realised that one constant that I have struggled with from the very beginning is to be consistent in my daily spiritual practice. I attended lots of and I mean A LOT's of various spiritual courses and seminars and healing sessions....and I learned so much from all of them BUT what I consistently failed to do is to follow up on them as instructed by all my teachers and all my healers (it's been the number one advice from all of them).


Imagine having this vast knowledge and understanding of all these teachings and eventually great deal of myself too but failing to do something about it consistently โ€“ DAILY to actually feel the difference in my life, to shift the energy, to implement those positive changes in my life so I can actually see and feel some tangible results.

Now call me lazy (which I eventually found out I kind of am being a projector by my human design profile :))....but life has just always successfully interfered with everything I have so diligently tried to implement into my own life. I was actually quite successful in it before I became a parent and had kids โ€“ as a Leo I was always very driven โ€“ I would insert all my will and discipline into the process itself and try to stick to my daily practices and it would last sometimes even for a year (that was my longest streak and then I got pregnant as a reward for sticking with so many healthy habits :)).....and then it all felt apart again and ever since I struggled tremendously to keep sane or to keep any daily spiritual practice in my life.


Until one day I decided that I will gently โ€œforceโ€ my subconscious mind to get on board with these beautiful intentions by publicly committing to doing exactly this what I am doing here. Making a public commitment to be here in this space, to weekly guide you through group meditations and to offer reiki healing and mini healing retreats was my way of making myself stick with some very positive daily spiritual practices. And during these last three years I must say I have kept that promise and I must say doing a daily practice became kind of a breeze for me (now there are better and worse days of course) but in general it's working quite well for me.


I continue to study with many wonderful teachers and healers, I continue to practice many different practices each day (gratitude, prayer, yoga, breathing, reiki, hypnosis, crystals) and it has made such a significant impact not just on my life but mainly on the life of my family too. Those of you who know me more intimately know how much I struggle to be a parent but I now feel the shifts in that area as well. Everything around it just feels so much more relaxed and aligned and that makes my heart sing.


Now my journey is not finished, by far, I however learned to slow down, take it easy, I daily simplify my life โ€“ we are living in a much smaller house now which makes it so much easier to take care of it, I constantly keep de-cluttering my physical reality around to feel lighter and I continue to practice to the best of my abilities in my life what I am โ€œpreachingโ€ here but there are some areas in my life where I struggle more and my journey continues and I enjoy it. I wouldn't have it any other way.


My journey has also brought me to kundalini yoga teacher training and I must say that looking at the experience now after a year after its completion I understand with so much more clarity why I had to do it too. One thing that you absolutely MUST (we signed a contract and had to promise we will absolutely do it if we want to teach) to do to become a kundalini yoga teacher is to do your own sadhana or personal practice EVERY SINGLE DAY. Based on the yogic teachings one of the steps to achieve happiness in life is a consistent daily practice from which the deep sense of grace and fulfilment is born. By now I am sure you can sense the topic of my sharing :).


So yes I am doing me best to inspire you here to pick your medicine, what you resonate with and make it into your own daily practice as DAILY became such a cornerstone of my own healing. And yes, honestly, I found it very challenging myself and then it hit me. It's not easy, it's not easy at all.....I can't force you to have a daily spiritual practice as I have no idea where you are, where you are coming from or where you are going and yes I don't know what daily spiritual practice will get you where you need to go, only you can figure that out for yourself. And that's when this idea that I am introducing/birthing here came around โ€“ I want to meet you exactly where you are right now, without judgement.


My intention is simple โ€“ I want to birth more healing and more inner beauty into the world in a very simple way and I want to empower you to have your daily spiritual practice in place no matter where you are right now.


And that's how an idea of DAILYREIKI Membership portal was created. Space where I and other founding energy healers come together to hold a very special sacred safe space for you by simply offering you daily distant energy healing and all you have to do is just to be our member. By becoming our member you will give us your permission to send you & your family energy healing EVERY SINGLE DAY for as long as you are our member, you will declare your commitment to your own healing journey and if that's all you can do right now then it is enough.


We do not expect you to put any time or any other resources other than the monthly membership fee into this endeavour, if you feel like you cannot right now. Now if you can, then of course this can be anything you wish it to be for you as we will be offering so much more in this space for your and your healing journey.

We will hold live ad hoc energy healing transmissions on top of the daily reiki, we will hold sacred ceremonies for our members, collective prayers all dedicated to the collective healing of our community that we create together. You being our member means that you will be automatically energetically included into all of those extra sacred offerings and rituals. There will also be a library of other resources to tap into when you feel ready at your own time, at your own space, there is no rush, no pressure on you at all โ€“ recorded meditations, teaching and energy transmissions will be there for you to use as needed.


We will hold you in the safety net of this beautiful divine healing energy every single day no matter what is going on for you in your own life and if things get worse for you (as they always do as long as we are human operating in this reality) you can come to our space and request extra healing or extra blessing for you and your family.

We want this space to be so safe and so sacred that you will feel that you can share openly when you need to or want to so other members can see you, can hold space for you and eventually you will feel cumulatively effect and shifts in your life from just being in the space and from daily receiving and intentional energy healing from our beautiful group of healers.


The founding healers for this beautiful daily healing initiative are already very well known to you as that's important to us that you feel safe with us sending you healing daily. What's important for me when choosing healers for our members is not how famous or known they are but that I personally know them, trust them and how beautiful they are inside out overall. And as of today it's me, Jules and Claire Roe and we will take turns to send you all the beautiful healing vibes we can muster.

It's going to be very fluid, very intuitive, very simple but yet very divine.

No complications at all :).

This is my simple, humble offering to you.


In Love & Magic,




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